UltraShape Power


UltraShape is a nonsurgical, non-invasive procedure that targets abdominal fat cells with ultrasound technology. While it’s designed for small amounts of undesirable fat rather than substantial weight loss, UltraShape Power is FDA-cleared to reduce abdominal circumference and remove fat in the flanks and thighs. 

The treatment delivers non-thermal, ultrasound energy waves that are highly focused, so that the technology is able to target abdominal fat cells without damaging any surrounding tissue. Cell walls are broken down by the waves so the fat is released as triglycerides, which are then processed by the liver and passed out of the body normally. The energy waves can be focused to a precise volume and depth, pulsed for a more gentle treatment experience, or selectively focused on fat cells and not surrounding tissue and blood vessels. 

Because UltraShape Power is non-invasive, no anesthesia is required. The procedure takes approximately one hour and requires little to no downtime; results will be visible in one to two weeks.

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